We popularize the ideas of maintaining the purity of water as a basic condition for a decent quality of life, maintaining health and longevity

Water is the source of life on Earth. It is familiar and necessary, and surrounds us everywhere. Unable to exist without life-giving moisture, humanity knew about its importance since ancient times. For a long time, people deified water: the Egyptians had the god of the flood Sebek, depicted with the head of a crocodile, the ancient Greeks worshiped the god Poseidon, whose power was comparable to the thunder god Zeus. For centuries, seafarers have been the most courageous and determined people.

Over time, humanity tried to conquer the water element, with which it is vitally connected: we build canals, change the course of rivers ... It does not immediately come to the thought that a human, consisting of 70% of water, is called upon to protect and preserve it, thereby preserving himself.

International exhibition "Water World" is thematic. It's about water! The water is clear and cool, the water is still and swift, gentle and dangerous.

The exhibition theme

The exhibition will feature paintings depicting the splendor and originality of water. There will be the creations of different authors working in different techniques and different genres, with different creative experience and perception, which will undoubtedly give the exposition freshness and diversity in the artistic transmission of images and conditions of water.

Exhibition date: July 12-17, 2022
Registration: July 5, 2022

The address:
The Exhibition hall of Eurasian Art Union

"EURASIUM" Gallery, Moscow, Andropova ave., 17, bldg 1

Exhibition sections:

1. "Painting: water in paintings"
2. "Graphics: water in graphical art"
3. "Sculpture: water in sculpture"
4. "Photography: water in photography and digital art"
5. "Textile: water in textile"
6. "Decor: water in arts and crafts" 

Register your artwork for the exhibition here:

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